Friday, September 12, 2014

Striped Boho Tunic or Cover Up

I am so happy to introduce my NEWEST Crochet Pattern.

The Striped Boho Tunic or Cover Up!

I hope you will have as much fun making it as I did creating it.

Thanks to my adorable Grand Daughter for modeling for me.  These were taken on our camp trip
to Walker River.

We went to Manhattan Beach shortly after and I will be posting those pictures as well.

The pattern is available now in my Etsy Store, Craftsy Store, and Ravelry Store. can message me directly and purchase through paypal.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crochet Freeform Beach Dress Coverup

My “Catch of the Bay” Beach Dress was born on twin beaches in Puerta Vallarta and is a project I am most proud of.

I began with no rythm or reason for the finished project. I just began making freeform motifs out of all sorts of thread scraps I had brought with me.

Once I had 5 or 6 Motifs, I started crocheting around them and joining them with a neutral thread called linen by aunt lydia.

The effect was so perfect and “beachy” looking, I decided I would make a pareo hip wrap. Once the piece was big enough to loosely fit around my hips, I decided why not keep going and work this into a beach coverup dress.

I was in Puerta Vallarta for a month…part business, and a lot just for SUN and FUN. I finished the dress a few days before leaving and actually got to wear it. I have never had so many compliments in my life.
Women and teenagers were coming up to me on the beach asking where I got it.

I have since delivered 4 custom orders at a whopping $400 dollars each. The most I have ever received for a finished item.

I am now making freeform pareos, (my original idea) and getting orders from boutique shops everywhere.
Who Knew?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love creating unusual Motifs. There are so many ways to use them as spacers or dividers in your work.

For the "SPLIT PERSONALITY" scarf I created several oblong Motifs with keyhole spaces in the
center and then added a skinny ruffle around the

Large contrasting stripes take off from the oblong Motifs, then a smaller square motif acts as a divider, and so on, until you are satisfied with the
desired length.

The "PEACHES n CREME" Scarf starts off with a solid Baby Pink Cashmere.
I used a varigated novelty yarn in Dark Peach, Strawberry and Yellow for the end sections and Border. There is no fringe, but the mesh end sections give the illusion of fringe.
Flower Motifs in pink and yellow are spaced throughout the entire length of the scarf.
My "CAMELOT" Scarf brings romance to the front with a freeform rosette neckline.

I combined ribbon yarns, cotton, silk and mohair.

The main portion of the scarf is worked in Olive green mohair, with random ruffles added in Peach Silk and Gold Shantung.

The "AMULET" Scarf is done in multiple shades of Olive Mohair, Gold Silk Shantung and Linen.

The featured Meallions are dark beige and off white.

Sage green silk fabric strips are knotted and tied randomly, then woven throughout the scarf.

The "HIAWATHA" Scarf takes on an earthy look with fabulous nuetrals in beige, naturals, tans and smokey charcoal. Eyelash yarn and cotton fabric flag yarn add just the right textures.


Fashion is all about colors and textures. With the wonderful yarn and thread choices available, crochet artistry is a snap.
I also added Fushia and Light Gray silk fabric strips to my Licorice Scarf shown.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Freeform Crochet

Hi and Welcome!.

My name is Cindy Kamps and I am a Crochet Clothing Designer and Crochet Pattern Writer.

The Artist in me has discovered and fallen in love with Freeform Crochet.
My new Freeform Cuff Bracelets have taken off and are currently sold in many Boutique Shops.

I find this artform (freeform crochet) remarkably similar to painting.

Not only are the creations limitless, it is such a fantastic conservation of every itsy bitsy scrap of yarn. Literally NO WASTE.

I would liken my obsession for saving yarn scraps to those who quilt and save fabric scraps. It is so hard to throw any of it away isn't it?

As a Technical Pattern Writer, FREEFORM, (which by nature implies WITHOUT STRUCTURE), is by far the most difficult to write in a structured format.

This walking contradiction is what inspired me to tackle a Freeform Book of simple projects. My intent; to produce a confidence building introduction to Freeform Crochet for those who might want to attempt this Art Form.

The project is coming along quite nicely and I hope the Book will be well received.

I introduce NEW CROCHET PATTERNS frequently so let me know by email if you would like to be notified when I introduce new crochet patterns.

My patterns and projects are available on at
You can also visit my Etsy Store. There you will find my complete line of Crochet Patterns and Crochet Books. Also completed items of Crochet Clothing, Crochet Accessories, and Crochet Jewelry.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Cindy Kamps